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Name:Torchwood - It's Not Just For Britain Anymore!
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Torchwood RPG wherein players play themselves.
In 1879, Queen Victoria created the Torchwood Institute to combat what she perceived as an alien menace to the then-mighty British Empire.

In 1945, in the spirit of cooperation engendered among the Allies, Great Britain revealed the existence of Torchwood to the United States and the Soviet Union. Within fifteen years, Torchwood had spread to nearly all of the developed nations of the world. Though that spirit of cooperation has flagged at times, Torchwood still stands as the first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats to the people of planet Earth, as well as threats from alien creatures already among us. In addition, Torchwood functions as liaison with those species whose intentions are benign, as knowledge base, and as investigators of all things unearthly.

We watch the skies. And they watch us.


We Are Torchwood is an RPG in which players portray themselves as Torchwood agents in their home cities. There will be silliness, cracktastic stories, and adult content - in other words, it's just like the real Torchwood.

Membership is moderated, but posting is not. All in-character posts should be made to this community with your own DW journal, tagged as "Torchwood:[your location]".

Before you join, please read the inaugural post at

The meta community for this game is [community profile] wat_meta. If you are a player, please join and subscribe to it. Anonymous posting is enabled on this community, so that people who want to play can ask for DW codes.


1. The head of each city's Torchwood will be NPCed. The mod(s) may, at times, post "transmissions" such as "Weevils on the prowl in Chicago" or "UFOs seen over Stockholm" to give the players potential missions. Whether that area's agents choose to act on those posts, or consider the transmissions lost and keep doing their own thing, is up to them.

2. You can Mary-Sue yourself as much as you like. However, you may not turn the whole game into your Mary Sue fic. Ex: You can write that Jack and Ianto blew through your town and you guys had a great three-way. You can't write that Jack fell in love with you and only you forever. (In addition, if your posts consist of nothing but you sexing, people probably won't be interested. That's what is for, yo.) You also may not kill off any other player characters or any of the canon characters. Which leads to the next rule...

3. Nobody's dead. Any main character who was alive in the first episode of TW still is - well, except for Suzie. She's dead and that's that. Other than that, they're all alive and they're gonna stay that way.

4. As this is AU there's no need to stick to any ongoing canon. In fact, spoilers are to be hugely avoided. Feel free to refer to any canon up until Owen's first death in "Reset." That's right, no Zombie!Owen either. Suck it up.

5. Since you're playing yourself, as opposed to a character someone else might want to play, there are no posting quotas. Mainly, keep in touch and try not to spam, that's all we ask.

6. When you join, take some time to catch up with what's going on in the game. This goes double if you're joining an already established hub. That way you don't inadvertantly Joss someone else's storyline.

7. While the game is definitely tongue-in-cheek, you should have a genuine affection for Torchwood to play. If you're only here to mock, Myfanwy will eat you.

Moderators: [personal profile] sorchar, [personal profile] hily

Icons for some of the hubs by [personal profile] nanceoir can be found here.

We've done several of the Skippy's List-style "Things I Am Not Allowed To Do" lists related to the game. If you're interested, they're under the tag "the lists.
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